Things in my studio that JUST MAKE SENSE

Things in my studio that JUST MAKE SENSE



These handy pens have ink that disappears with heat. Like completely gone, instantly. One touch with the iron and it’s gone. THERE ARE SO MANY USES.

We use these to sketch on jackets, then we photograph the design and send it to clients for approval before painting or stitching starts!

These pens aren’t hard to find or expensive either, we get them from our local postoffice for about $7.


This is pretty simple, chalk is classically used for drawing on fabric because it can be easily cleaned off. If the fabric is either too light, or too dark, we use chalk to draw instead of a frixion pen.

If it’s too light there is a risk that the pen will leave a faint yellow remnant. Test on an inconspicuous area first!

If it’s too dark, the pen might not be easy to see.


We source second hand jackets because we love to fight fast fashion by upcycling clothes that are already in circulation. (Do you want to send us one from your wardrobe!?)

This means we do a lot of cleaning, and wonder soap is great for spot washes / stains.

It’s also very handy if the paint transfers, which has happened a couple of times. We heat set each piece (a LOT), but when washing there is a chance that a small amount of paint will transfer to somewhere else on the garment. Wonder soap takes it right off the unwanted area! (And the main artwork has always remained perfect).


It’s great stuff. Very similar to acrylic paint in texture, and not hard to find!

Go and get some from Officemax and give denim painting a go! Post a picture and tag us, we would LOVE THAT.


Main uses: ironing stabaliser to the back of embroidery projects, and heat setting fabric paint.
OH and erasing Frixion pen sketch lines on jackets and in my sketchbook.

6. CHENILLE NEEDLES & 7. THREAD WALL (pictured above)

Fellow stitchers! What is your favourite needle? For denim, I love chenille needles. They are thick so that you can get a nice grip, but also super pointy. Can't be dealing with a dull needle.

Thread wall speaks for itself! Made it myself and it took a really long time to set up.


If a denim jacket has even the tiniest big of stretch to it, it's getting stablliser ironed on to the back before embroidery. Or if it's a lighter fabric and could use a little more structure.

SO useful! I get mine at Spotlight. 

Not knowing about stabaliser was definitely a mistake that I made when starting out.


These are just practical, functional office tools that everyone needs.

Storage boxes, organised with labels, to keep stocks and packaging products in. And tonnes of art supplies (I'm an addict). Printer to print out address labels.


It has a long adjustable arm - approx a meter long - and is useful for recording birds-eye view process videos. 

Sometimes I pop my phone in there with the torch on to use as a spotlight in the evenings. My studio has so much natural light in the day, but is severely lacking when the sun goes down!

Purchased at an electronics store in the mall.


To hang all the jackets on, and it doubles as a great display at markets. Being easy to dismantle for travel was a priority with this purchase.


A heap of preloved denim jackets to work on! (in all sizes)
For when inspiration hits, or when a client doesn’t yet have the perfect fitting denim jacket in their wardrobe.

We want to build and be part of a supportive creative community, here's step one. Sharing what we have in our studio that we use daily.

Follow along our tiktok if you'd like to make friends and be part of this from the beginning!

Frankie x

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