Washing My Jacket, Gently Does it

Washing My Jacket, Gently Does it

Hey! I'm so glad you're here.

You might be looking at our jackets and thinking to yourself "wow, those are really beautiful... I wonder if it gets ruined in the wash though."

Trust me, I thought the same thing when Frankie painted my jacket. Yep, that's me. The one in the denim jacket with the pink roses. Last year my family and I moved away from our old house and I had to leave behind my pride and joy roses. I planted them, pruned them and nearly killed them with too-much-citrus compost. You know, just the standard. Roses can be finicky but man, they are beautiful and bring so much fulfilment when they come to bloom. These roses were glorious and needless to say, I was sad to leave them behind when we moved. The perfect candidate for the back of my denim jacket.

Frankie had just started embroidering flowers on the back of denim jackets at this point and when I saw how beautiful the Daisy Jacket was I asked her if she could stitch my special roses. She was so excited! You see, she loved those roses too. I sent her some photographs and away she went. It turned out beautifully, I was wearing it all the time, and I still do! I took it everywhere. So you can probably guess what happened. Well, what happens to a light denim jacket when you wear it everywhere and all the time? It gets dirty.

I was a bit nervous at first to chuck it into the wash. I didn't know what to expect. You know when you're excited or nervous to wash something? You place it ever so delicately into the machine, shut the door and turn it onto the gentlest of cycles. Then it's locked in! Oh no! The fear that it will be ruined sinks in. So then you just watch it going around and around for a while. It's out of my control now. I will just have to wait.

Two Hours Later...

Why do gentle cycles take so long? Far out. Finally it was finished. I reached in expecting to see pink blotches all over my jacket. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see my sweet, ocean breeze smelling, beautifully painted and stitched jacket was unscathed. It was perfect. I put it on a hanger and hung it outside to dry. I have washed it twice more since then and it still looks amazing.

Frankie and I use Fastex Textile Ink when painting on jackets. Once the design is painted it is heat set and secure for gentle machine washing. So go ahead, wear it all the time, it's okay if it gets dirty!


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Photos taken after the jacket had been taken out of the machine, still very wet.

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