Flourishing Giant Embroidery

'Flourishing' by Frankie Meaden is a joyful collision of worlds. Embroidery - which is usually created on a minuscule scale - has been blown up to stretch down Vulcan Lane. Whisps of cotton have been swapped for colourful rope, to tell a striking story of both the beauty of Springtime and the importance of sustainability.

Frankie is noted for her use of recycled materials in her art, in this piece repurposed street banners have been stitched through it, saving them from landfill.

Flourishing tells a story of sustainability, and how important the beautiful world around us is.

Part of Art in the City. 


Flourishing at 9pm on Thursday October 13th 2022

Frankie Meaden working on the first panel of the 2m x 9m giant embroidered canopy commissioned by Heart of the City for Vulcan Lane 2022

This piece is now on display in Colorado Springs, US.

It is for sale, 175cm sections can be purchased individually, get in touch if you're interested in hearing more about how to purchase this artwork.