Frankie Meaden
Creative | Artist

Being an artist has always been my calling. For a long time I was scared to admit that I wanted to be an artist or designer, which is a pretty good indicator that it’s exactly what I should be putting myself out there and doing. 

I studied Art through school and for a year at Uni in London. One highlight of that was having my work selected by the Tate and displayed for a few months in one of the Tate galleries in London. It was a "up and coming young artists" exhibit. I was 18.

Now I'm a multidisciplinary artist, living in Auckland, painting and stitching on canvas in between mothering three young ones (and a silly springer spaniel). My studio is in the centre of our home, and my art can be seen online or in a lovely local cafe; Ruby Red, Mangere Bridge, Auckland.

Jody Stewart
Creative | Designer

In my lifetime I have dabbled in many creative arts.  Growing up I was always into drawing, painting and dancing.  My mum bought me my first sewing machine for my 12th birthday and that's when I started learning about making and upcycling clothes. 

I studied art and fashion at school before deciding to become a teacher.  When I completed my education degree I moved to London, worked as a teacher and started break dancing in my spare time.  My career as a teacher continued as I moved to New Zealand in 2008.  Luckily for me, Auckland has an amazing breaking and hip hop community.  So my journey as a professional dancer really took off in 2014 when I went to Germany to represent New Zealand at Battle of the Year. 

Some years and three kids later, I am still teaching part time, still breakdancing and since 2020 when I started working with Frankie at Beautifully Frank, I'm enjoying picking up those original fashion design and art skills I had learned when I was young.  I've set up my studio at my house as a workshop space for creative arts.  Be it sewing, painting, drawing or even dancing.