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Beautifully Frank

Plentiful | Giant Embroidery Tapestry | 1.8mt x 1.4mt

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Plentiful: “Abundant.”

The showcase piece for my first solo exhibition, ('FULL', 2024). This is the most detailed giant embroidery to date. Taking a total of 6 weeks to make, including many very late nights. An explosion of flowers. You'll need a large wall for this beautiful piece.

This piece feels abundantly colourful and joyful. Handmade original artwork, made in NZ using recycled materials from Aucklands streets.

Specifically, the navy blue coloured banners (background) were hung on the street to celebrate Matariki, yellow (vase) from a market, blue (flowers) from Remuera.

This artwork is 1.88mt wide x 1.4mt tall and comes on a pole ready to hang like a tapestry.

"Combining her passion for art with a commitment to reducing waste, Frankie creates vibrant, large scale embroidery using recycled rope and street banners. Frankie's art isn't just about aesthetics; it's a tool to raise global environmental consciousness and to celebrate the wonder of colour and joy."